I'm from Hong Kong's XXX, you can see my inner like my appearance, and gentle and was really my best to yourself generalizations. I don't float, not superficial, not rashness, not lazy. My heart full, material enjoyment and mental stimulation is my hobby. I treat people honesty, not from his rhetoric, but sincere and honest ​and kind that I can always win the friend's trust. I professional solid, reading is I enjoy the most, and studying computer makes me feel great pleasure. I always work hard, again small things I will scrupulously completed. I can fix the computer, can pipe network, network management and online sales also no problem. The important thing is, I have a grasping the spirit that study, a kind of not understand the choices.to neck head. My name is XX, the spring rain moistens everything silently, I hope I can unknown, quietly to my team put a little bit of green. Give me a chance, I'll give you a surprise. ​​​​​